Do one thing (or many things) a day that scare you

Someone once said that bad things happen in threes. I’m not sure who that was or what terrible things they experienced, but sometimes what initially looks like a negative actually turns out to be an amazing, life-changing series of events.

For the past several years, my life has been like a bad country song… a flood swept through my city and made me homeless for six months, and then a young renter put his cigarette out in a plant on his patio and the resulting fire made me homeless again. The final straw was getting let go from my job. So there was my trio of awfulness, finally complete.

Thankfully, my mother raised us kids to be resilient and see the humour in life. So, when the locusts didn’t arrive as expected, I was thinking I got off fairly easy.

But then what to do with the newfound freedom? After much soul-searching and late-night (maybe a few drinks were also involved) conversations with friends, I decided I was going to do three things that I love – travel, meet new people and furry friends, and tell stories. So, I rented out my condo, joined a global pet/housesitting organization and put my freelance writer/editor e-shingle out there.

Do one thing (or many things) a day that scare you or causes heart fluttering or gives you clammy hands… and at least THIS time I’m homeless on my own volition!

So if you’d like to join me on my journey, please check back soon. I’ll be posting updates regularly.

An amazing, life-changing series of events

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