Website Audit

"Please help! What’s wrong with my website?"

Let’s give your “online salesperson” a good spit and shine to convert those visitors into paying customers.

You have an existing website but you haven’t touched it in years. And it shows. It doesn’t reflect what you do NOW or who you really are. It certainly doesn’t sound like you and how you want to show up. It could use a bit of TLC but you’re not sure where to start.

When you’re embarrassed to show prospects your website or when you KNOW it could be working harder for you… that’s when I can help you with a website audit review.

Let’s get your website back in fine fighting form and help you make more money (with way less stress).

What do you get with this service:

A written report of recommendations and a prioritized list of actions

A Loom video that walks you through the report

A strategic overview of your website, to ensure you have all the web pages you need

A focused review of 3 pages (of your choice) on your website. Do you motivate your visitors towards your call to action (selling your thing?)

Brand consistency: Are you showing up with a consistent Brand Voice and how well are you communicating your key marketing messages?

"I need some guidance to fix my website woes."

Your investment is $495. Fill out the form to start our conversation.