Powerful Testimonials

Kick The Blah Testimonial to the Curb

Do you want detailed, irresistible reviews that convince your prospects you will get them to where they want to go? But the thought of asking your clients for them makes you a bit queasy? Let me help you!

Making You Irresistible to New Clients - with Powerful Testimonials

Testimonials from clients who are overjoyed with the work you’ve done are some of the strongest forms of proof you can weave into your marketing.

Testimonials tell prospective clients, “Hey, I’ve worked with people JUST LIKE YOU and I freaking loved it. You don’t want miss out on this… ”

There are meh! testimonials and then there are powerful testimonials.

In conversation, your clients give you a hundred reasons why they think you’re amazing.

Put them in front of a blank computer screen, and many times, you get back a relatively unhelpful “this company is great” testimonial.

What happened?

So many of us are very uncomfortable reaching out to clients to ask them to tell me just how great we are.

That’s where I come in.


I LOVE talking to your clients and customers about why they love you, how amazing they thought your process was and why they 100% recommend you to their network.


Let me get those business-building, kick-a$$ testimonials for you!

What do you get with this "Done For You" Testimonial service:

This package of 4 testimonials includes:

• Interviews conducted by an expert at getting the best out of your clients

• Written and video versions of the testimonials to be used in your marketing again and again


• Transcript of the interviews so you can have true “Voice of Customer” data to use however you need it (I often use it for great website content!)

Your investment for this offer is $997 CDN