Roadmapping Session

Stop Struggling With Analysis-Paralysis And Overwhelm

It's hard to read the label when you're inside the bottle.

Scrambling for content ideas to get your voice heard?


Do you have a million half-baked offers to serve your clients or be grappling with where to go from here with your marketing.

Or maybe you need to better understand who you serve and what value you provide. You need help figuring that out.

You want ideas about why your existing website copy isn’t converting better.

You struggle with consistent content and messaging.

What is Roadmapping?

In a 90-minute Roadmapping session, we explore issues or challenges that make you feel stressed and stuck. Like peeling the layers off the onion, so to speak, we help you gain clarity and confidence, set direction, and identify your next steps.

We troubleshoot expensive (and just plain annoying) marketing problems and issues keeping you awake at night.

You’ll find the way forward. You discover things you might not have considered or what gaps might exist that are keeping you from being as successful as you could be.

Shine the light on your blind spots…

so you can quickly get back to loving your business again.

I’ve conducted 1:1 sessions with business owners like you, fellow service providers, solopreneurs, and freelancers who wanted guidance, a second opinion, or help to create a plan.

Increase your focus, maximize your time, and be more comfortable with how you’re showing up in your business and attracting your ideal audience.

What you get with this service

That's the great thing about roads... they all have different destinations!

Roadmapping sessions are tailored to each individual client, depending on what you want clarity and traction for.

However, common challenges we tackle include

Diving into questions to determine what’s keeping you up at night (i.e. your actual need and potential wins for getting you unstuck)

Understanding things like your ideal client, services, and positioning so you can be confident we’re working on the right things

Determining effective marketing strategies to ensure you’re efficient and effectively speaking to your target audience (no more overwhelm)

Your investment for the Roadmapping Session and Report is $597.

Get clarity around issues that cause you to lose money, second-guess yourself or create stress and anxiety.