My Process

If you’ve never worked with a copywriter before…

Here’s what to expect when you work with me.

My process is rooted in research and data, with a dash of storytelling fun. I use my proven 7-step framework to write high-converting, revenue-boosting, relationship-building copy. It might seem like a lot of steps but it’s a full-cycle process to get us from “What’s the Objective?” to “Mission Accomplished”.

Step One: Initial Contact

After we’ve said hello, we’ll have a quick 30-minute chat to talk about your project and see if we’re a good fit to work together. You don’t have to know exactly what you want or need. We can figure that out together. Have a great feeling we’ll be BFFs? We skip the proposal step and go right to Discovery.

Step Two: Proposal

Notes from our initial chat form the basis of a customized proposal – complete with my project recommendations. This includes the tasks we must accomplish to solve your challenges and the roadmap to get us there.

Step Three: Discovery

We get to work once you’ve signed the proposal and paid the 50% commencement invoice. On a Discovery call, we confirm the scope of your project and go through a more detailed list of questions (the Copywriting Brief). This ensures we’re working on the most important things and gives me most of the information needed to write about your business.

Step Four: Customer Research

I conduct “Voice of Customer” research for SEO-optimized copy: I interview your clients to determine their pain points, what/how you and your team solve these issues, and why they chose you. This data is essential to speak to your ideal audience. I snoop on you – read your reviews, mine your current marketing for messages you use, analyze your competition.

Step Five: Science Meets Art

(aka the good stuff). Using the data from my research, I write/edit content for your project. I take a dash of data and a splash of your panache to make the copy sound like you AND make it enticing to your ideal audience.

Step Six: Possible Course Correction

The first draft is done! I walk you through the first draft of your copy live (i.e. in a Zoom call or in-person). You have 72 hours to review, provide feedback and/or approve it.

Revisions are a normal part of every copywriting project and your input here is essential.

Step Seven: Mission Accomplished

We’re done. Final edits and content submission. Cocktails all around. Now that the words are done, the next part is the website design. I have trusted colleagues who handle this part – but if you have your own person, I send them the final, approved version.

This is when I will ask you for a testimonial about your experience with me.

Step Eight: The Extra Mile Check-In

Although it’s not really part of the project, I love to connect for an After Action Report. A month post-launch, we review how the copy is performing and discuss any additional writing I can help you with.

What do you say?

Are you ready to propel your business forward with great marketing content?