This year is all about trying new things

Something about being around the water calms me. Maybe it reminds me of my childhood on the east coast of Canada or it makes me feel closer to my family. I love watching the endless movement of the sea and hearing the relentless pounding of the surf as it hits the shore. Constant. Powerful.

I’m at Cape Lookout State Park on the Oregon Coast, enjoying my first real day of solitude, my inaugural road trip kicking off my year of travel and freelancing. The past few days have been amazing, fun-filled and busy with people I haven’t seen in several (or almost 20!) years, so it feels good to re-connect.

Their words of support and encouragement for this crazy scheme I’ve embarked upon have also been very reassuring. Maybe my family and friends at home aren’t just humouring me for following this dream of mine.

I venture out to test the temperature of the Pacific Ocean. It’s quite chilly this early in the season but I still enjoy the push and pull of the waves on my calves, goosebumps rising, as the water floods the beach and then sucks it back. There are tiny hermit crabs riding the wave and then once exposed by the receding water, scurry to bury themselves to escape the ever-vigilant eye (and gullet) of seabirds that patrol the edge of the wet sand, looking for an easy meal.

I’m reluctant to seek higher and drier ground when it feels so good. After several long days of driving, I’m tired but very happy to be outside and windswept. I’ve certainly seen enough highway for a while. I’m excited the fabulous seascapes and scenery started today. This is what I’ve come for!

It’s a beautiful day at Cape Lookout, albeit a bit cool once the sun begins to go down. Children are playing in the sites next to me. It must be getting close to bedtime, protests are beginning from several of them. I was going to sleep in my car since I thought it might be dangerous for a single woman to sleep in a tent alone, but the campground is busy enough, I should have no problem. And trying to sleep snuggled next to a mountain bike, a cooler and a suitcase in the backseat of a hatchback doesn’t really sound as appealing as I originally thought.

But who knows? This year is all about trying new things, getting out of my comfort zone and being flexible with whatever happens (within reason, of course!). Although if I need to sleep in my cramped car with all of my accoutrements, there might be more aching muscles than comfort and flexibility tomorrow!

 Sadly, I should have made a better driving music plan and I’m already sick of the songs I have on my iPhone. Anyone have suggestions for some good road music?

The inaugural road trip begins…

Brilliant sunset over Pacific Ocean

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