From Flood to Fire to Firing: My journey to Freelancing

Hi! I’m Patricia Viscount: storyteller, adventurer and general purveyor of good vibes. Welcome to “From Flood to Fire to Firing: My journey to Freelancing”. Several years ago, I found myself homeless for six months when a flood severely damaged my condo building. Just over a year later, I was once again homeless after a fire destroyed half my newly-renovated building. Six months after that, I found myself unemployed when the global energy sector went into a bit of a tailspin. I decided someone might be trying to tell me something. So, what do I do when life hands me lemons? I travel, housesit and write while moving around the globe (making lemonade!) for six months. Many of my friends and family asked to be included on my journey. This is the easiest way to bring them along (MUCH cheaper than a plane ticket). Glad you could stop by and please visit again soon!


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