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Paragraph. That’s what this is. Lorem ipsum is placeholder text commonly used in the graphic, print, and publishing industries (this is a link) for previewing layouts and visual mockups.

Spans (unique conditional text)
All Other Elements (same style as paragraphs)

Default Background with Primary Text.

Default Background with Primary Color (Text).

Accent Color with Hard Alternate Text (in extra-bold for better accessibility).

Secondary Color with Primary Color (text).

“Soft Alternate” Background Color with Primary Text.

Primary Color with Secondary Text.

Button Examples

Primary Call to Action

It is recommended to limit primary call to actions to one per page or modal (aside from the one in the navigation). This button should be the same thing site-wide as it is the *one thing* you would want any visitor to do to bring your website a return on investment.

Secondary Call to Action

Use secondary for everything and anything else.

Tertiary Call to Action

Use tertiary when the button is much less importantant than secondary or when the secondary is much more important than other buttons on the page.

Form Example