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More You. Better Connection.

Use a Copywriting Health Check Website Audit to create better marketing. 


Does this sound like you?

  • You have an existing website but haven’t touched it in years. And it shows. 
  • You knew you wanted a website but didn’t know what to say, so you put some information on it that you thought your prospects needed. You have no idea if it hits the mark.
  • You love your website – and it looks good. It’s just not converting visitors to clients like you thought it would.

Any way you look at it, your website doesn’t reflect what you do NOW or who you really are. It certainly doesn’t sound like you and how you want to show up. It could use a bit of TLC, but you’re unsure where to start.

Let’s thoroughly examine your “online salesperson” to check for a pulse. So you can start converting those visitors into customers.

Please help! How can I fix my website content to sound more like me?

For $97 CDN, I can help you!

When you KNOW your website could be working harder for you… or you’re embarrassed to send prospects to check it out. That’s when I can help you with a Copywriting Health Check (aka a website audit review). Let’s get your website back in fine fighting form and help you make more money.

What you get with this service:

  • A strategic overview of the Home and About pages of your website. Let’s make sure you have your newfound brand voice nailed on the web pages you need to appear credible
  • A focussed review of the two pages to see how well you’re motivating visitors towards your call to action and main objective
  • Brand consistency: thinking about your quiz results, how are you showing up with the language you use, the tone of voice, and how well are you communicating your key marketing messages
  • A 30-minute chat with me to discuss my review and any feedback you have

What My Clients Are Saying

“Wordsmith” Patricia Viscount Consulting has fantastic services for those of us who cannot find the perfect words to express your business online or through print. We as business owners have ways of speaking so highly of ourselves but not necessarily from the client’s perspective. Patricia’s process of extracting our information and even interview our clients to becoming raving fans is the cure to the “bad writing” we come up with writing content on our own. We not only used her services for one site we did it for two. Now we have another project that will continue the conversation consistently speaking to our clients through newsletters/CRM. Just can’t say enough, and anyone out there looking to write content with great intention, this is the place you will find it.”

                          • Paries Johnson, Owner, JPF Renovations


Yes! Help me get a clean bill of health – I need to improve my website.

Sign me up for a Copywriting Health Check ($97) 

Copywriting Health Check

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